Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Halfway There..

Well, Ponson proved he is awful yet again, but at least Horacio is out of the rotation..

Bannister will start tonight as he was recalled from Omaha yesterday and Doug Waechter was placed on the DL (Forearm Strain.. uh oh).  Sure, a lot of things went the Indians way yesterday (6 double plays by the Tribe for instance) but the sooner Ponson is out of the Rotation the better.

This is why the Royals are halfway to having their ideal rotation.

Hitter of the Game

I guess I'll go with David DeJesus, who was 2-5 with a home run, 3 RBI and 2 runs scored.  David's HR came in the 9th with 2 outs to make the game a 1 run game once again.  The Royals never led after the 1st inning yesterday.

Pitcher of the Game

Robinson Tejada came in and struck out the side without allowing a hit.  He did walk 2, but oh well.  All of the pitching sucked yesterday and I feel like Tejada was the most dominant.


The Royals face off against the Indians at 6:05 again tomorrow.  Bannister vs. Cliff Lee.

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  1. I've gotta go with Jacobs as the hitter of the game, although it WAS good to see DeJesus coming up with key hits. The fact that Jacobs almost tied the game with one swing when they really needed it is a grand testament to his skills. Love the guy, in spite of the chin puff.

  2. I think you meant "Love the guy, especially his chin puff"

    haha. Yeah, I was torn, could have gone either way, I considered awarding "half points" but I decided against it, thinking it would get too complicated. As it stands I haven't even really decided yet if the award winner should be the "best" or the "most crucial" it makes it tough, if a player goes 4-4 with 3 runs scored but his teammate is 1-5 with 4 k's and the GW homer, who wins? I guess the player who does the best and still has importance is who I try and award.. hmm..

    anyway, thanks for reading / commenting, Mike.