Monday, March 30, 2009

If Mark Teahen strikes out 4 times but hits a home run, is it a good or a bad game for him..?

If Mark Teahen hits a home run (his 6th of the spring) but strikes out 4 times, is it a good game or a bad game for him?

Thats exactly what happened today, and it's kind of as confusing as the tie the Royals had, their 932nd this spring.. (not really).. 

The Royals tied the Cubbies 8-8 in 10 innings as Davies labored through 5.2 innings but wasn't terrible overall.  Former Notre Dame wideout Jeff Smardzija ate up the Royals in his 1.1 innings with 3 strikeouts, although he did give up an unearned run.  Overall, a bad game for the offense, who drew just 2 walks while striking out 13 times.  The pitching dished out 4 walks against 6 strikeouts, so unacceptable numbers all around.  The pitching gave up 14 hits while the offense had 10 hits.

Hitter of the Game

Alex Gordon's two home run performance makes him the hitter of the game today.  Alex was 2-5 with 2 runs and 3 RBI while striking out once and not walking today.  Both of Alex's HR's came off of Rich Harden, Alex's batting average sits at .323 this spring.

Pitcher of the Game

Kyle Farnsworth gets the pitcher of the game award today as he pitched a perfect 8th inning striking out 2 cubs.  Kyle's ERA stands at 5.40 on the spring.


Sidney Ponson (ugh) will start against the Oakland Athletics tomorrow at 3:05 at Phoenix Stadium.  Josh Outman will get the nod for the A's.


  1. I admit it's frustrating watching Teahen, with all his potential, K at least once a game, while grounding out to second base all the time.

    Nonetheless, judging by the poll above, and other anecdotal evidence I have read throughout the blogosphere, Teahen starting at 2B is a definite possibility, and the fanbase seems to want it to happen. Interesting.

    Now if only we could convince the FO that Ponson and HoRam are utter wastes of time.

  2. pitchers like Ponson and HoRam on a team like the Royals are the utter bane of my existence.

    teams like pittsburgh are going through the same issues though with players like craig monroe and eric hinske taking playing time from brandon moss and nyjer morgan..(not that either are good young prospects, but they both have arguably more potential.. arguably..)